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Support for Families with Children

Circumstances such as the growing trend toward nuclear households and weaker community ties have led to a decline in the abilities of families and communities to bring up children. Moreover, couples are finding it more and more difficult to fulfill their wish of having children because, for example, many children are being wait-listed at daycare centers, and their environment is not sufficient for balancing work and child-rearing.
The TMG is implementing various measures to support child-rearing.

Tokyo Child-raising Support Passport Program

Tokyo Child-raising Support Passport

The purpose of the Tokyo Child-raising Support Passport Program is to foster momentum for all of society to support child-rearing families. Establishments, such as, companies and stores that support the program's goal offer various services to pregnant women and families with children under the age of 18.

Tokyo Child-raising Support Passport Program( External link )

Nursing room "Akachan Furatto"


Nursing rooms nicknamed “Akachan Furatto” are provided so families with babies can go out without worrying about things such as where to nurse the baby or change diapers.
Municipal offices and business operators that have installed such spaces put up certificates issued by the TMG at the entrance or other locations so users can find them easily.
Currently, many of these nursing rooms are made available at public facilities such as national and metropolitan facilities, municipal offices, children centers and day care centers, and private facilities including department stores and shopping centers.


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