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Support for Adults and Children with Disabilities

In order to realize a society where people with disabilities can live with peace of mind in their communities and work energetically, TMG-wide efforts are taken to implement comprehensive measures for people with disabilities.

"Help Mark"

Help Mark

This mark allows people in need of assistance or special consideration to inform others of that need. The Help Mark was created with the aim of showing that people with prosthetic legs, artificial joints, internal ailments, or rare diseases, or in the early stages of pregnancy, require assistance or special consideration even though it is less obvious that they need help. The Help Mark badges are distributed to people with disabilities and others at Toei subway stations and other public transport in Tokyo, upon their request. Stickers with the Help Mark are displayed at priority seating areas of all Toei transportation services.

Help Mark badges are available at the following locations.
Toei Subway station offices (excludes Oshiage, Meguro, Shirokanedai, Shirokane-takanawa, and Shinjuku Line Shinjuku stations), Toei Bus depots, Arakawa Streetcar Depot, Nippori-Toneri Liner station offices (Nippori and Nishi-nippori stations), Yurikamome station offices (Shimbashi and Toyosu stations), Tama Monorail station offices (Tama Center, Chuo-Daigaku-Meisei-Daigaku, Takahatafudo, Tachikawa-minami, Tachikawa-kita, Tamagawajosui, Kamikitadai stations during certain hours), Tokyo Metropolitan Welfare Center for the Physically and Intellectually Disabled (includes Tama branch office), Tokyo Metropolitan hospitals and Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Hospitals Corporation hospitals, etc.

TMG's Measures Concerning the Elimination of Discrimination Against People with Disabilities


The TMG enacted the Ordinance on the Elimination of Discrimination Against People with Disabilities, which came into effect on Oct. 1, 2018. The ordinance is aimed at promoting understanding of disabilities and the disabled, and further advancing measures for elimination of social barriers.
To eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities, the ordinance prohibits private business operators in Tokyo from "disparate and unfair discriminatory treatment on the basis of disability,"and requires private businesses to "provide accommodation" to them. There are also consultants who provide advice to people with disabilities, private businesses, and others with regard to discrimination.


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