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ホーム食品事業者向け情報食品関係営業許可と届出Information on Business Licenses

Information on Business Licenses

Information on Business Licenses
for Those Planning to Start a Food Business

There are various categories in food businesses.The following businesses, among others,require a business license under the Food Sanitation Law and Tokyo Metropolitan Government ordinances.

Category Type of Business
Food preparationy Restaurant businesses,
Tea- and coffee-shop businesses
Food manufacture Confection- and savoy-manufacturing businesses,
AN (sweetened bean paste)-manufacturing businesses,
Ice cream-product-manufacturing businesses,
Dairy-product-processing businesses,
Meat-product-manufacturing businesses,
Fish-paste-product-manufacturing businesses, Nonalco-holic-beverage-manufacturing businesses, Lac-tic-acid-bacterial-beverage-manufacturing businesses, Ice-manufacturing businesses,
Edible-fat/oil-manufacturing businesses,
Margarine- or shortening-manufacturing busi-nesses,
MISO (fermented soybean paste)-manufacturing busi-nesses,
Soy sauce-manufacturing businesses,
Sauce-manufacturing businesses,
Alcoholic bever-age-manufacturing businesses,
TOFU (soybean curd)-manufacturing businesses,
NATTO (fermented soy-beans)-manufacturing businesses, Noodle-manufacturing businesses,
Ready-to-eat-food-preparing businesses,
Canned- or bottled-food-manufacturing businesses,
Food addi-tive-manufacturing businesses,
Pickles-manufacturing businesses,
Confection-ary-ingredient-manufacturing businesses,
Pow-dered-food-manufacturing businesses,
Semi-ready-to-eat-food-preparing businesses,
Season-ing-manufacturing businesses,
Fish/shellfish-processing busi-nesses,
Liquid-egg-manufacturing businesses
Food processing Milk-processing businesses,
Certified-milk-processing busi-nesses,
Milk-collecting businesse,
Meat-processing businesses,
Food-freezing and -refrigerating businesses,
Food-irradiation businesses
Food selling Milk-selling businesse,
Meat- selling business,
Fish/shellfish-selling businesses,
Fish/shellfish-auctioning businesses,
Ice-selling businesses,
Ready-to-eat-food-selling businesses

(Please be advised that certain business categories other than those mentioned above require notification or reporting to the competent public health center before starting a business.)

Any person who wishes to start an operation must first seek a business license from the public health center having jurisdiction and then build a facility in conformity with the standards set by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government before obtaining the final permission.

Main procedures for obtaining a business license

1. Prior consultation must be made with the public health center, presenting an architectural plan of the proposed facility and other materials.
2. A business license application form must be submitted to the health center approximately 10 days before the scheduled completion of the facility. (Processing fees are required for application.)
3. A food sanitation inspector performs on-site inspections of the facility to confirm its regulatory conformity. A business license will be issued once conformity is verified.

For detailed information, please contact the nearest public health center.


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